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blackjack rummy examples

Other Blackjack Side Bets to Look Out For

The Casino industry is highly competitive, and so new side bets are being invented all the time to try and attract & retain new Blackjack players.

Some of these will flourish and become widely available, while others remain niche and can only be found in selected Casinos. Here are a few examples:

Royal Match Side Bet

Pays 5:2 for any suited player’s cards and 25:1 for suited king and queen

Over/under 13 Side Bet

Pays even money for correctly predicting the sum of the player’s cards as less than or greater than 13. In most cases, exactly 13 will lose, but some Casinos will allow bets on exactly 13.

Super Sevens Side Bet

This bet pays out if one or more sevens are dealt in the player’s cards. One seven pays 3:1, two unsuited sevens pay 50:1, and two suited sevens pay 100:1. If the third card dealt is also a seven, the bet will pay 500:1 unsuited and 5000:1 suited. However, it is important to ensure that the Casino will still deal a third card if the dealer has a Blackjack, as some Casinos will not do this.

Lucky Ladies Side Bet

This bet pays out if the player’s cards add up to 20, with an unsuited 20 paying 4:1, a suited 20 paying 10:1, a matched 20, same rank and suit pays 25:1, two queens of hearts 200:1 and two queens of hearts when the dealer has Blackjack 1000:1.

Are Blackjack Side Bets Worth Playing?

Blackjack side bets do not involve any skill, and you are simply betting on the luck of the draw.

Moreover, the returns do not reflect the odds of each bet coming in, which gives the house a significantly larger edge.

Therefore, blackjack side bets are best viewed as a bit of extra complexity that adds to a session at the Blackjack table.

However, you should not make them the main focus of your gameplay or your wagering, and you should be aware of the significantly increased house edge.

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