How to play Blackjack for beginners

How to play Blackjack for beginners

how to play blackjack

Welcome to BLACKJACK 101! Blackjack is a very approachable game that even a beginner can understand. Blackjack or sometimes known as 21, is a simple game but takes a lot of practice to learn how to play effectively. It is a perfect game for newcomers as it is just you versus the dealer, and the rules are pretty easy to understand. The game goal is to have two or more cards where the numerical value meets or is less than 21 while still being a higher value than the dealer. If you get more than 21, the game is over for you. This means you have busted and lost your bet. But the great thing about this game is if the dealer busts, everyone at the table wins.

I want to walk you through this simple yet daunting game.

In this article, you will find:

  • What are the rules of Blackjack?

  • Is Blackjack easy to learn?

  • How to play Blackjack?

  • Blackjack card values and counting

  • When to split and double down in Blackjack?

  • Where to play Blackjack online?

  • Expert tips for playing effectively and increasing your odds of winning