Description of Fall Ball 3D Free This is a new free 3D arcade game on Google Play Store.You can examine your skills by play in Fall Ball 3D - arcade and logic game with 10 levels that you need to unlock. Collect all 30 stars by using speed and intelligence. You can buy more speed balls to get improve difficulty level. Choose from 10 balls for 10 levels. And also remember to collect all achievements - that's not easy !Every level have different layout and difficulty. You can pick a better ball to finish faster and gain more stars that will bring you to last special design level with Ganesha Fortune 3D street. Last level need to be unlocked before play, so it means that you need to collect 27 stars.The whole environment is placed in space so keep to the road and avoid falling down. The main goal is to get as fast as you can to finish platform. Some levels can be finished much faster that you think at the beginning.Yes - all achievements are collectable !Need more levels or balls ? Have some questions or feedback ? Please contact us !Credits------------------Programmer: Marcin Kli艅skiMusic: Bensound.comTextures & Graphic: Assetstore.unity3d.comGUI: GraphicBurger Version history Fall Ball 3D Free New in Fall Ball 3D Free 1.23 Support Android 8.0 Please rate this app